Are you a greater-impact brand or sustainable small business
who could use marketing support?

With 10 years experience in sustainability advocacy and social media management, I offer a specialized perspective and extensive experience collaborating with sustainable and social impact B2C brands. Let’s build a marketing strategy that effectively communicates your core values and resonates with your target market!

Papers on a desk with a venn diagram showing the overlap between what you care about and what your custromer cares about, with "Your Brand" in the center. Sustainable marketing is about communicating this overlap.

Get Help With:

  • Developing an impactful social media strategy
  • Influencer outreach & ambassador relationship building
  • Leveraging affiliate marketing for win/win partnerships
  • Storytelling and communicating your mission & values
  • Reaching new customers where they’re at
  • Efficient and easy to manage SEO strategies
  • Building loyalty through customer experience and community

Sustainable, Small Business Digital Marketing Manager & Consultant

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What you Won’t Find Elsewhere:

Deep understanding of your niche.

Unlike most marketing advice and consultants who cater to all types of businesses, I exclusively work with small and medium, sustainable and social impact apparel and accessory brands.

I understand the social media landscape in relation to small businesses, as well as the audience who wants great products which also have a positive impact in the world.

Unique experience and background.

Through my content creation work with the My Green Closet platforms I have grown a niche following entirely organically. Over a decade I have watched sustainable brands thrive and unfortunately fail, formally collaborated with 100+ companies, and received thousands of pitches and partnership proposals – I know what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve seen both excellent and weak strategies play out and want to share this experience and insight with you!

Verena Erin, sustainable marketing consultant, having a meeting with a business owner. Image is over the shoulder of the business owner and Erin is listening.

Verena Erin Polowy having a digital marketing consultation with a small business owner. They are sitting at a table, smiling and discussing with notebooks.