Hi! I’m Verena, but most people call me Erin (my middle name).

I love working with small businesses – I’ve seen the incredible impact purpose-driven brands can have, but also understand the unique struggles and challenges they face.

After 10+ years experience in digital marketing and organically building my own social media presence, I started this consulting business to share my knowledge and help passionate, sustainable and social impact businesses thrive.

As a sustainable fashion content creator I’ve watched both the apparel industry and digital marketing landscape go through some major shifts. There are big challenges to face but also many exciting opportunities for sustainable brands.

My education and experience working both in the fashion industry and as an ethical influencer means I have a unique marketing perspective of understanding all sides of brand – media/influencer – customer relationships.

I’d love to lend my knowledge and experience to your business – helping you better reach, communicate, and connect with your audience!

Erin is a digital marketing consultant and sustainable social media manager based in Edmonton, Alberta and works with both local and international clients.

What I Offer:

A Fresh Perspective

It can be invaluable to have a third party view of your strategy, social media, communications, and customer experience – identifying blind spots or overlooked opportunities. I can objectively assess your current strategies, identify areas for improvement, and recommend solutions.

Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Support

Dedicated marketing roles or an agency can be very expensive. My courses, consulting services, and à la carte marketing management options are not only designed to be financially accessible, but are also created in consideration of small businesses. You won’t end up with a strategy you can’t execute!

Make the most of your budget and my expertise – let’s develop a maximum impact yet realistic marketing plan!

Education & Empowerment

I’m here to teach you a foundational knowledge of influencer, content, SEO, and social media marketing. You’ll feel empowered to apply digital marketing principles, and have the tools to maintain and build upon your strategies long-term.