Digital Marketing Management for Sustainable Brands

I offer management services for select purpose-driven and sustainable brands primarily focused on Instagram.

  • Platform audit
  • Custom content calendar
  • Content creation packages
  • Insights and analytics reporting

Or get assistance with:

+ Influencer Marketing Campaigns

+ SEO and Content Marketing

+ Platform Community Management

+ UGC Content Management

+ Affiliate/Ambassador Management

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Social Media Management

Assistance with your Instagram or YouTube management and growth.

We can work together on either short term campaigns or ongoing monthly strategies.

Influencer Campaign Management

I’ll handle the planning, outreach, implementation and reporting of an influencer marketing campaign.

SEO & Content Marketing

Looking to increase search traffic?

Get assistance with keyword research, content planning, SEO writing, link building and establishing EEAT.

Affiliate/Ambassador Management

Create win-win collaborations with your biggest fans and supporters by building a successful partnership program.

Work with Erin

With 10 years experience working in social media, collaborating with sustainable brands, and organically growing purpose-driven content platforms, Erin is looking to leverage her unique experience to support greater-impact small businesses.

Remote or local (Edmonton) clients are welcome. Let’s have a chat and see if it’s a good fit!

+ UGC Content Management

+ SEO and Content Marketing

+ Platform Community Management

+ Affiliate/Ambassador Management

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