Why your Small Business NEEDS to be on Pinterest

If you still think of Pinterest as a platform for moms finding DIY projects or the place to moodboard your dream wedding, times have changed! Pinterest is having a big revival moment, in particular thanks to a dramatically growing Gen Z audience (although the primary audience is still Millennials), and people are also using it differently.

Here some reason why you should utilize Pinterest for marketing your brand:

1. Easily Repurpose your Existing Content

Nobody has time to create content from scratch for every platform. The nature of Pinterest means you can use the images and content you already have to reach a new audience. It’s also a great way to breathe new life into older content – blog posts, product pics, vertical videos, infographics – you name it. More exposure for low effort!

(Although please don’t just repost with no strategy – still keep in mind the Pinterest users you’re trying to reach and what is valuable to them)

2. Search & Discoverability

If “a picture is worth a thousand words” utilize image search! Pinterest is a visual search engine, making it an excellent tool for improving your discoverability. Be sure to create high quality content and optimize with relevant keywords and SEO best practices.

Image: Pinterest

3. Reach Niche Audiences

Pinterest’s users are actively seeking inspiration, ideas, and products. Brands can tap into this engaged audience by creating imagery, content, and niche-specific boards that align with their target demographic.

*NOTE* Pinterest just rolled out an exciting new feature allowing users to filter fashion and style inspiration by body type and they plan to continue to expand it, focused on customized search results. I know size inclusivity and diversity is a core value to a lot of the small businesses who follow me, so be sure to jump on this!

4. E-commerce Integration

In many ways Pinterest has evolved into a shopping platform. They have clearly invested in becoming ecommerce-friendly with features like shoppable pins, product catalogs, shopping ads, and business support. Your business can leverage these features to streamline the path from inspiration to purchase.

Image: Pinterest

5. Inbound Links & Direct Traffic

Unlike other visual platforms (looking at you Instagram) Pinterest seamlessly links your images to your website and product pages, plus linking “off platform” doesn’t harm your reach. With a strong strategy, Pinterest can be excellent for driving traffic.

6. Evergreen Content

Do you feel like the shelf-life of social media content is smaller and smaller? You might have a tiny window to get engagement before content “expires” and is no longer on people’s feeds. But not on Pinterest – evergreen content can be served in search for years! Potentially a much better ROI for your time spent creating content.

If you’d like to chat about your Pinterest strategy let’s set up a call or platform audit!